Finding Meaning in the Day-to-Day During Uncertain Times

by Tom Hughes


Never has it been more evident than now that heroes really do walk among us. In recent months, not a day has passed where we haven’t woken up to more news of essential workers who are putting their lives on the line to protect us, keep us safe and keep things moving. 

And as a former officer of the British Army, I can't help but wonder what role I might have played if I was still enrolled in the military.

As it is, in 2019, I embarked on a new and very different opportunity with multi-disciplinary recruitment experts, Space Executive. While this new role presented an exciting challenge, far removed from my previous employment, it also brought with it certain challenges that promised to take me far from my usual comfort zone.

Below I have summarised some of the key learnings from my new role that have brought greater meaning and accomplishment to my daily life. I hope this also helps those of you at home struggling to get motivated and drive productivity to look at your day afresh and take pride in the value you are adding however small it may seem. 

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Working for a Startup

Coming from an office environment of 50+ employees the transition to being the sole employee in Europe was a big shock. Where previously I had been used to established infrastructure, processes, policies and administrative support, I was now faced with the rather daunting task of having to build these all from scratch. 

However, this also came a certain level of freedom and opportunity. Rather than inheriting legacy systems with their inevitable challenges, I had an opportunity to build a greenfield database which, with learnings from previous employment about what works and what doesn’t and innovative thinking around new ideas, technologies and tools, has given me the opportunity to put in place systems which will provide us with the strong foundations we need to grow and to bolster all future developments for years to come. 

Working from Home

We have had to adapt to new normals in our work life this year and the challenges these can present. 

For me, the key to this has been to make myself a workspace at home that is used solely for work and nothing else. 

Infrastructure is also paramount, and while the richness of today’s connectedness through technology is vital, the human element should not be overlooked. It is often colleagues and a work environment that stimulates positive energy, creative thinking and strong work ethic and to overcome this when we are currently so physically distanced can be challenging. 

While we have Skype, Zoom and Teams etc which can go some way in bridging this gap, it is necessary to look more broadly at what can be done to supplement this by taking advantage of the opportunities working from home provides that we were unable to enjoy in the office. I’ve found that my daily walks with my dog have given me the opportunity to get some much-needed headspace during the day which I was previously lacking. A moment to clear and refresh the mind and generate a more positive attitude. While I am not getting the same human interaction I would in an office full of people, I now have time to stop and think while surrounded by nature and the contrasting energy that this brings. 

While my work from home practices are evolving every day, I am now confident that I can work just as productively and effectively from home without the cruxes and vices I previously believed to be so essential, and this in itself provides a certain level of previously unrealised freedom knowing that I can make do and in fact excel without the things I believed to be some critical to my daily functioning. 

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Adding Value

Jobs, their role in society, and their availability have never been more in focus than they are now. With Furloughing happening across the nation and around the world, as well as strategic reviews in place to try and safeguard against the uncertainty of the coming months, it is certainly a strange and unprecedented time to be a recruiter. 

Whilst we can focus on the benefits we can bring in giving people new opportunities and helping businesses grow by resourcing them effectively, the reality, and especially at times like this, can sometimes be very different.

With processes being put on hold and numerous hiring freezes in place, we have been forced to take a step back and reevaluate where and how we can truly add value. 

Space Executive is continually looking for ways to add value through their expert service provision and market-leading consultants, and where it is needed most. 

As 2020 continues to offer its many varied challenges, uncertainties and unique events, businesses are increasingly realising the importance that needs to be given to building, earning and maintaining wellbeing for their employees in the new normal.

Last week we had the privilege of hosting the thought-provoking webinar, 'Leading with Wellbeing in a Brave New World' with Pavelka Wellness and guest speakers from Experian and Cisco.  It was a captivating and engaging discussion with lots of valuable takeaways.

Watch the event highlights here - 

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Following on from this, we have also curated The Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Podcast Playlist to help you get through this sometimes delicate and demanding time. 

Our Health and Wellbeing Podcast Playlist covers everything from sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and more.

Whether you’re looking to clear your mind, manage stress, modify your gym workout for home, build and manage relationships, or grownup stories to help you drift off to sleep at night, this podcast playlist has it all.

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