Pride Month 2020

by Marek Danyluk


June is Pride Month.

At Space Executive we take pride in our inclusive company culture, creating an atmosphere that values and encourages diversity of thought in our team and culture.

This Pride month was always going to be different for a number of reasons, so let’s all do our part this month to reflect on the current state of the world we live in and consider how we can offer further support, in the right way, to those who need it most.

Here is a note from our Managing Partner & CEO, Marek Danyluk about our commitment to constantly progressing and developing our education and awareness around the LGBT+ community.

“At Space Executive we have a very inclusive policy and culture. During Pride Month, we will be taking the opportunity to engage with our staff and clients to assist in the further education and general awareness of the LGBT+ community.  We strive to consistently better ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of all aspects of diversity in the communities around us.  Whilst we all continue to face challenges in this very uncertain and somewhat isolating time it is important that we mark these occasions by recognising our colleagues, friends and families, offering support and love and making time to show how much we care."

Marek Danyluk - Managing Partner, CEO

The team also enjoyed pride-themed virtual Friday drinks with people sporting their brightest outfits and colourful backgrounds. 

Remote working team celebrating pride month